Plastic Surgery - We've Gone Too Far

Sadly, as a society, we’ve become far too relaxed with the idea of plastic surgery. The market for elective surgeries is now a multi-billion dollar business. In 2015, over 15.9 million surgical and minimally-invasive procedures were performed in the U.S. alone. And while we’re certainly not judging, things have admittedly gone too far.

According to, $14 billion was spent on cosmetic surgery in 2014… an investment that could have funded the National Institute on Aging for over 11 years. Imagine that.

A good skincare ritual and sun safety are your best lines of defense. Invest in efficacy-proven, antioxidant-rich creams and go for professional chemical exfoliations. Battle brown spots with melanin-regulating products and make sunscreen use a habit. Cover up with gorgeous clothes crowned by generously brimmed hats; the Global Babe Strong Hat offers a rating of UPF 1200+ and 99.9999% coverage.

Nonetheless, there are greater questions of concern. While looking good helps us feel better, it’s far from the main concern. Why do we look to looks to be happy? Why do we rely on reflections for self-esteem? This is really where the epidemic begins.

It’s time to let go of perfection - it will never be reached. Self-love, healthy relationships, helping others and productive goals should lead to health, confidence and happiness.

Isn’t it time for a shift?


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