Copy of The World's Strongest Sun Hat



Our Global Babe sun hats are recommended by leading dermatologists in the United States and the United Kingdom. Dr.Sam Bunting is one dermatologist who is a London-based cosmetic dermatologist specialising, quite simply, in great skin. To see more details about her, please visit Dr.Sam Bunting. The Global Babe Sun hats are the only product in history to be validated by the British Skin Foundation. 

The Global Babe Strong hat carries the UPF(Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 1200 + as approved by the Australian Radiation Protection Authority.

To receive the UPF 1200 +, all Global Babe's sun products underwent vigorous testing with constant 10 day exposure to powerful ultraviolet A, ultraviolet B and ultraviolet C rays. The results showed the strong hat material is 99.9999% resistant to the sun’s radiation. As a result, Global Babe Strong Hats are more protective than any sun bloc, and are free from all chemicals.