You Don't Need A Interior Decorator

One of the great, delicious and almost soothing justices of life is money does not buy style.

It’s a wonderful contradiction.  Quite often I notice when a lot is spent the result is a negative.

One of the great misadventures of my life was hiring an interior decorator! It was a complete disaster. Living overseas at the time, I gave this acclaimed interior designer carte blanche to decorate my home. It was a fatal mistake. The ”designer” filled my home with faux french antiques at a price tag which almost made me vomit. When I asked for the original receipts she would not give them to me! The interior guru gave me invoices under her company name but would not reveal the original provenance of the items. I sought legal advice. But as the bill had been paid, I did not have a lot of recourse.

Essentially she did the wrong thing and I was the sucker who paid for it!

I was tempted to sell my magnificent family home, with bad interiors, but through the experience, however, was a lesson learned.

Now I will never work  with an interior designer, unless they are my best friends! Four of my girlfriends, with incredible taste, are Nina Beale from Bungalow 55 in Singapore. Andrea Bux, who together with Elle Macpherson is the founder of Welleco, the company behind the magic super green elixir. Another bestie with innate style is Emma Lane, photographer and founder of The Farm at Byron Bay.  And last but not least is my best french friend, Elisabeth Del la Troche. These women have more style than anyone I know.  I gain inspiration from their effortless choices.


My amazing stylish friends, also share my love of art. So when in comes to decorating in future, it will be with art, art and more art. I am loving the creations of Australian artists,  Dean Brown, Jasper Knight, Zhong Chen, Kate Elsey, Rowena Keall Walsh and the incredible Julian Meagher.

So the advice I can give is buy more art and have stylish friends.

Oh and darling, it’s so true, we don’t need an interior decorator, we just need to buy more art, and as for the faux french antiques they were thrown on the verge, and vanished into the night.

Global Babe